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Creators Update(v1703) Megathread

Update is live now, if you're not seeing the update you can update through Upgrade Assistant tool

Update isn't live yet, you can join our community chat to get notified whenever it starts rolling out

What's Creators Update?

Creators update unlike monthly Cumulative update is a major Windows 10 update which brings lots of new functionality, features which will be listed below.

Creators Update change log



Cortana + search

Taskbar + Action center

User Interface

File Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Edge 40.15055

EdgeHTML 15.15055


Internet Explorer




Network & Internet




Time & language


Ease of Access


Update & recovery


Ink Workspace





Windows Defender Security Center

Windows Store

Other features

Issues reporting form

We highly recommend using Feedback application but if it isn't an option refer to the form below and post issue report as a comment to stickied moderator comment.
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All Windows 10 Creators Updates and Changes, including Gamer-specific updates (a changelog for the rest of us)

Microsoft is set to launch the Windows 10 Creators Update next week, on Tuesday, on April 11, at which time we'll have all the official details about the company's next major Windows 10 version.
In the meantime, Microsoft has published a list of data the Creators Update (CU) will collect from users, and has started allowing users to install CU in advance, as of April 5, via the company's Update Assistant app.
Until Microsoft publishes an official changelog, we can rely on unofficial sources for what's new in the OS version. One of those sources is the ChangeWindows service, which tracks changes in Microsoft products, such as Windows, Windows Server, Xbox, and others.
Since the site also tracks changes in Insiders Builds, we can deduce an approximate changelog based on the differences between Insiders Build 15063, scheduled to become CU, and the last few Windows 10 stable versions. The changelog is as follows:
Start Menu
You can now hide the apps list in the start menu The "All apps" button in Start will now show a badge with the number of new apps Tiles can now dragged on top of each other to create live folders The default tile lay-out has been updated 
Gaming has been added as a new category in the Settings app "Game bar" has been added and allows you to manage the Game bar and hotkeys "Game DVR" has been added with settings like storage location, FPS and more "Broadcasting" has been added with settings to manage your broadcasts like audio quality and more "Game Mode" has been added and allows you to enable Game Mode which will improve overall performance while playing a game 
Cortana + search
Cortana can now shut down, restart and lock your device Cortana can now change the volume of your device You can now use Cortana to control music playback on more apps Cortana will now remember what music app was used last time and open it by default if no app is specified While listening to a radio station, you can ask Cortana to identify the song Cortana can now recognize music in Chinese If the device is idle, saying "Hey Cortana" will show a full screen UI optimized for long distance reading Cortana now supports sign-in with Azure Active Directory identity to allow you to sign-in with your work or school account The microphone icon for Cortana has been updated You can now set Cortana to not listen when Windows + C is used When searching for an app in Cortana, it will now show you commands that work within that app Time-based reminders can now be recurring every month or year Cortana can now provide links to Microsoft Edge tabs and SharePoint documents to let you continue where you left on another device Cortana can now use notification grouping Cortana text notifications now use the accent color and are larger "Pick up where you left off" has been added 
Taskbar + Action center
You'll now get a notification welcoming you to Action Center "Control Panel" has been replaced with "Settings" in the Win+X menu "Programs and Features", "Power Options", "System" and "Network Settings" now link to the Settings app instead of Control Panel in the Win+X menu Command Prompt has been replaced with PowerShell in the Win + X menu by default The Win + X menu now says "Apps and Features" instead of "Programs and Features" The "Settings" entry in the taskbar context menu has been renamed "Taskbar settings" Developers can now make custom groups for notifications Developers will be able to overwrite the timestamp in notifications You can now connect to a VPN from within the Network fly-out after selecting it The Calendar fly-out now supports additional calendars, like the Lunar calendar The volume icon will now indicate support for Spatial Audio Notifications in the Action center now support inline progress bars The mail app is now a default pinned app in the taskbar The same app will no longer appear multiple times in the Action center icon when receiving multiple notifications from that app after logging in When using Win + V to focus on a notification, there will now be a white focus rectangle around the X if you tab over to it Stylized buttons in notifications are now aligned to the right to match other dialogs The VPN button in the Wi-Fi fly-out is now aligned to the right and no longer shows a border The Windows Defender icon has been removed from the system tray The Windows Defender Security Center icon has been added to the system tray 
User Interface
In a dual monitor setup, you can now show a on-screen touchpad to navigate the mouse on other screens with touch if the screen on which the touchpad is displayed supports touch Desktop wizards like "Map a network drive" and "Extract from zip" will now scale properly when moving from one monitor to another The Windows 8-era share UI has been replaced with a new floating window Resizing windows will now look smoother The share icon in the Segoe MDL2 font has been updated 
File Explorer
PowerShell is now the default command shell, replacing Command Prompt The "Open command window here" context menu item has been replaced with "Open PowerShell window here" 
Microsoft Edge Edge 40.15063
You can now use Ctrl + O to move focus to the address bar You can now import and export favorites from and to a file Improved ES6 Modules debugging in F12 Developer Tools Edge now supports the EPUB file format Icons of pages in the hub are now larger Console filter settings will persist for buttons and context menu Improved ES6 Modules debugging experience You can now "Set tabs aside" to view them later You can now view all tab previews at once with a new button in the tab bar Edge now has a jump list menu that allows you to open a new window or a new InPrivate window Favorites settings have been merged in the main Settings-page Improved visual tree and new input model for Edge’s multi-process model Flash now works with a click-to-run system for untrusted Flash content If Cortana has a tip but the window is to narrow, Cortana will now only show an icon in the address bar Tooltips for longer website names in the favorites bar will now wrap instead of truncate You can now share a group of tabs you've set aside Import from another browser now brings favorites, browsing history, saved passwords and other data You can now run a download without saving it A "Save as" link has been added in addition to "Save" Web Notes now use the Windows Ink API instead of its own implementation Apps for Websites will now work You can now right-click on PDF documents and choose to show the toolbar The PDF toolbar now shown an option to search in the document for words The PDF toolbar has an updated design, altering the look of the pagination field "Books" has been added as a new page in the Hub Web Notes has a new icon You can now enable sites to open in apps if that is supported You can now let Edge read books aloud to you If you click on an image, you can now use Ctrl + Mouse wheel to zoom in the e-book viewer When Flash is being blocked, you'll now get a question that allows you to allow Flash once or always on that website Tabs will now show a book icon when reading a book If a book is being read aloud, switching the page will now make the reader jump to that page Edge will now remember your read aloud-settings for other books Improves the behavior of the "Find on page" feature to show the found result more central in the page Edge will now open the Connect pane when clicking "Cast media to device" 
EdgeHTML 15.15063
Partial support for Webkit-Text-Stroke and outline-offset Improved performance on websites that change a large number of HTML Elements by improving the spellchecker efficiency H.264/AVC is now enabled by default for RTC Improved support for Service Workers (behind flags) General performance improvements Support for the Brotli compressed data format (on by default) as an HTTP content-encoding method Updated the MS-prefixed FIDO 2.0 implementation to match the latest W3C Web Authentication specification Support for CSS Custom Properties (aka CSS Variables) Preliminary support for the IntersectionObserver API Async/await is on by default DOM performance improvements Support for WebVR Support for Content Security Policy 2 Flash content is now blocked by default Preview support for Web Payments First stage of render refactor to broaden support for independent composition When using emoji’s, Edge will now render them in full color by default WebRTC 1.0 support Re-deferral support Chakra JIT is not out-of-process by default Support for SharedArrayBuffer behind the Experimental JavaScript Features flag Support for WebAssembly behind the Experimental JavaScript Features flag 
"Service Workers" has been added "TCP Fast Open" has been added "Enable New Editing Command Implementation" has been added "Enable New Serialization for Clipboard Implementation" has been added "Enable TSF 3D Implementation" has been added "Disable navigator.pointerEnabled API" has been added "Only execute timers once per second in nonvisible tabs to improve battery life" has been removed "Use legacy setInterval behavior" has been removed "Enable Media Downloads over Fetch" has been added "Enable CSS Downloads over Fetch" has been added "Enable Web Authentication APIs for accessing scoped credentials" has been added "Core platform support for Fetch abstraction" has been added "Preliminary implementation of the Payment Request DOM API" has been added "Support for the individual transform syntax for CSS transforms" has been added "Allow independent rendering of HTML5 Video elements" has been added "Enable individual transforms" has been added "Enable Input Interleaved Tasks" has been added "Allow background tabs to be put into a low power mode" has been added "Enable experimental networking features" has been added "Enable experimental H.264/AVC support" has been removed You can now set the composition engine 
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer now has a new "new tab" page that resembles that of Edge, additional to the old Internet Explorer version A new "New tab" button has been added to open Edge 
Settings System
Storage Usage now shows icons for each type of file Offline maps storage location has been moved from "Offline maps" to "Storage" The settings to change saving locations have been moved to their own page in Storage settings The Storage usage page has been redesigned and categories are now ordered from highest usage to lowest You can now let Windows reduce the blue light emitted from the screen with Night light A link to manage Storage Spaces has been added under "Storage" Cross-Device Experiences can now be set to share with your devices or everyone The screen resolution setting has been moved to the main "Display" panel "Continue App Experiences" has been renamed to "Cross-Device Experiences" A new option has been added under "Storage" to allow you to let Windows remove unused temporary files and files that have been in the recycle bin for longer than 30 days You can now choose to optimize for battery use or video quality when watching a video on battery Custom scaling has been added as a subpage 
You can now set basic swipe gestures to alter the audio and volume Adds support to record a key combo under Advanced gestures Resetting the gestures page will now result in a progress circle and a checkmark when it is finished There is now a link to handwriting training under "Pen & Windows Ink" You can now disable the "Recommended app" in the Windows Ink Workspace A new Enterprise Cloud Printers discovery UI is now available "Bluetooth" and "Connected Devices" has been merged into "Bluetooth & other devices" Bluetooth audio devices can now be disconnected and reconnected The options accessible through devices like the Surface Dial can now be set on a per-app base You can now set keyboard shortcuts that include several common symbols Improved design on the Printers & Scanners settings page 
Network & Internet
Wi-Fi Calling has been added You can now set a time for when the Wi-Fi connection on your device has to be turned on again The Data usage page now shows a bar graph instead of a circle Data usage details for individual apps now show usage as a bar LANs can now be set to be a Metered Connection "Wi-Fi Sense" and "Paid Wi-Fi Services" have been merged into the new "Wi-Fi Services" on the "Wi-Fi" page 
You can now enable the Virtual Touchpad icon from within settings You can now change your theme on the "Theme" page You can now pick colors from your "Recent colors" You can now set a custom accent color You can now set a custom background color Improved design on the Background settings page 
Apps has been added as a new category "Apps & features", "Default apps", "Offline maps" and "Apps for websites" have been moved from System to Apps You can now sort app extensions You can now let Windows block all non-Store apps or ask for confirmation before installing 
Windows Anywhere has been added under Account Windows can now lock the device dynamically when you leave it with Windows Hello Settings up Windows Hello now provides visual guidance which tracks your face in real-time The progress indicator for Windows Hello has been improved You can now enable Dynamic Lock to lock your device when your phone goes out of reach 
Time & language
You can now download support for braille You can now enable the Lunar calendar to be shown in the Calendar fly-out 
Ease of Access
You can now set audio to use mono You can now install Braille 
A new page "Tasks" to manage which apps can access your tasks A new page "App diagnostics" has been added allowing you to allow apps to use diagnostics You're now either in the "Basic" or "Full" group for feedback and diagnostics, with "Enhanced" removed You can now disable Microsoft from using diagnostic data to provide a tailored experience 
Update & recovery
Delivery Optimization is now enabled for Insiders Windows Update now divides the update history in categories The range for Active Hours has been enlarged to 18 hours, up from 12 Windows Update has a new icon, resembling the outline of the Windows-logo with two circling arrows in it Windows Update will now ask you to schedule a pending update if no good timeslot to automatically update can be found You can now suspend updates for 35 days Windows Update now better understands if the screen is being used for projecting, etc. and not attempt to restart Windows Update now has a new icon to show you if you're up-to-date You can now select from which branch you are served with a dropdown You can now defer feature updates for up to 365 days You can now defer quality updates for up to 30 days "Removable drives" has been added as a new panel Troubleshoot has been added as a new page and allows you to easily start troubleshooting a number of features in Windows Under "Restart settings" you can now require Windows Update to show more notifications before restarting Windows Defender settings have been removed 
The icons for full screen searches have been made smaller to allow for more results A sidebar is now shown offering help and links to related settings When scrolling in Settings, the header will now stay visible on top 
Ink Workspace
You can now change both color and thickness of pencils without having to reopen the dropdown The protractor tool has been added with a compass included The protractor will now keep showing the degree until you start drawing again The degree visual will now have a white background instead of red The number of Recently Used apps is now 6 instead of 5 When a lot of ink is present on a sketch, the Ink Workspace will now load faster You can now make the protractor larger and smaller with the scroll-wheel on your mouse When using Ink, the cursor will no longer be displayed Improved reliability when using the protractor You can now start working on a previous screen sketch The ink pen, pencil and highlighter now show a preview of what it looks like to use the currently selected color and thickness The ruler can now be rotated in sub degree increments The cursor will no longer be shown when you are using ink The color of the pen, pencil and marker is now indicated in the icon instead of in a circle You can now remove ink with a point eraser, additional to "Line eraser" and "Remove all ink" In a multi-monitor setup with the Ink Workspace icon enabled, clicking the icon will now open it on the screen it was clicked on Ink now has a rich color range when High Contrast is enabled Improved copy reliability in Screen Sketch Improved performance when using the point eraser in Sketchpad Windows Ink will now remember your most recently used stencil 
Kernel debugging over 1394 has been removed Built-in support for USB Audio 2.0 You can now uninstall a number of stock apps that previously did not support this Shared devices on your home network will only show up when the network is changed to "private" or "enterprise" Apps that have been de-provisioned from your OS image won't install again automatically unless you reinstalled them yourself On devices with more than 3.5 GB memory, service hosts will be split into individual processes When one process fails, it will no longer take down the whole service host Task Manager will give a better overview of what Windows is doing in these background processes It will be easier to troubleshoot which process is causing issues for both IT pros and Microsoft Process will now all have their own individual permissions, improving security Custom printer names will now be remembered after upgrading Optional components will now stay installed after upgrading to this build PCs will no longer have to reboot after turning on Developer Mode Upgrading will now migrate custom scan code mappings You can now override the scaling in Hyper-V Virtual Machines You can now use Ctrl + L to set focus to the address bar in the Registry Editor You can now use short notations for HKEY names (for example, HKCU instead of HKEY_CURRENT_USER) Hyper-V instances will now remember your zoom level for the next session Upgrades will now remember UAC settings, startup shortcuts and File Explorer folders pinned to the Start menu This update is being rolled out with the Unified Update Platform New rendering technology for content in UWP apps Windows will now temporarily prefer the Microsoft driver for USB Audio 2.0 over a third party driver The handwriting panel will now float next to the input field by default rather than being docked Windows Hello recognition has been improved The default user's numlock settings is now preserved after upgrading Windows will try to reapply power settings that got lost in previous upgrades Uploading crash data will no longer interfere with other network-intensive activities Improved scaling in Microsoft Management Console and Disk Management You can now use File Explorer keyboard navigation shortcuts in the Registry Editor Some users will now see apps being throttled to improve battery life The OOBE has been redesigned The OOBE can now be controlled with Cortana’s voice commands The OOBE experience now includes a number of new privacy settings like Location, Speech recognition and Diagnostics The OOBE now supports captive portal Wi-Fi connections The OOBE has an updated design for signing into or signing up for a Microsoft Account The OOBE now has pagination to indicate your progress The OOBE now uses the new Windows Hello implementation to enroll The OOBE now uses a recorded voice instead of a synthetic voice The OOBE now supports subtitles While you're account is being prepared after an upgrade or after installation, new strings will appear Bugcheck screens are now green instead of blue for Insider Previews If Windows shutdown abnormal, a new Abnormal Shutdown Diagnosis will run after booting to diagnose the issue Performance Monitor now handles High-DPI screens better In Properties for programs, a new setting has been added under Compatibility which will enable improved High-DPI rendering Windows will now better handle desktop icons when changes to the device's setup are made (like removing a screen) "Quick Create" has been added as a new option to create Virtual Machines in Hyper-V When an Hyper-V Machine is turned off a start button will be shown Behavior of the scrollbar has been improved for apps using the Creators Update SDK Updated Bluetooth API with GATT Server, Bluetooth LE Peripheral role and unpaired Bluetooth LE device connectivity support The OOBE will now skip Cortana if an audio output device isn't found Improved recognition for 3 finger gestures 
Narrator now supports form field navigation and a number of new keyboard shortcuts to navigate forms Narrator will now read the content of the page before the content on the bottom app bar if an app has one Narrator will now indicate when it is exiting Narrator can now explain context of whatever it is reading You can now use Caps Lock + / to read the current active window title Narrator will now recognize edit boxes better in Scan Mode on the web Improved reliability of continuous reading when changing focus Narrator can now tell you about fonts, colors, line spacing, margins and more The default Context Awareness level for Narrator is now set to 2 The shortcut to get advanced information about the element with focus in Narrator has been changed to Caps Lock + F The Narrator hotkey is being changed from Win + Enter to Ctrl + Win + Enter Narrator is now supported in WinPE and WinRE Narrator can now more to a heading level by typing that number in scan mode, number + Shift for the previous heading with that level You can now use Home and End to move to the start or end of a line of text in scan mode You can now use Ctrl + Home and Ctrl + End to move to the start of end of a web page or other reaching content Support for braille has been added Improved XAML framework to make UWP apps work better in high contrast Improved keyboard accessibility for the Snipping Tool 
A number of improvements have been made to translations Windows will now better handle fuzzy matching for pinyin with an updated Microsoft Pinyin IME candidate pane experience The IME mode indicator in the taskbar now has a context menu You can now import and export self-learned phrases in the Pinyin IME The Wubi IME now support self-learned phrases You can now enter text in linemode for Chinese (Simplified) You can now remove text predictions from the Japanese IME Improved conversion accuracy and responsiveness in the Japanese IME The language bar for Pinyin IME now opens IME settings as well when clicking the settings icon The Pinyin settings page has been revamped into 5 new categories Several new hotkeys have been added for Pinyin IME Self-learned phrases will now roam between your devices when using the same Microsoft Account The Pinyin IME emoji panel has been redesigned In Pinyin IME, U-mode can now be used for advanced input features and V-mode can be used to input content which normally is not easy/quick to type Name input mode has been added for the Pinyin IME Pinyin IME users can now add, edit, or delete custom double pinyin schemes When the Japanese IME is turned on or off, a large icon will be shown in the middle of the screen to indicate this The composition string to now show 3 predictive candidates by default in the Japanese IME English words are now shown more frequently as predictive candidates to make it easier to insert English words Latin-based languages now have an ellipsis child key when holding the period key on the touch keyboard The text after upgrading has been changed from "Might take several minutes" instead of "Might take several minutes or so" 
Paint 3D Preview is now included as a default app View 3D Preview has been added as a default app Contact Support has been renamed Get Help Learn Gestures has been added as a default app The Mixed Reality Portal has been added as a default app The Get Help-app has a new icon 3D Builder has been moved to the Windows Accessories folder in start Searching and launching mspaint.exe will no longer launch Paint 3D 
Windows Defender Security Center
Windows Defender has been added as a default app You can now run a quick, advanced and full scan "Device performance & Health" had been added You can now check for updates directly from the "Virus & threat protection" page You can now change the Windows Defender settings in Defender itself Windows Defenders settings are now functional Family options now help you set up a family or view device information You can now refresh your PC in Windows Defender You can now manage SmartScreen for apps, Edge and Windows Store 
Windows Store
You can now buy books through the Windows Store The Store will now show a progress bar in the Action Center 
Other features
The PIN field on the logon screen will now register keys as numbers no matter if NumLock is on or off Improved scaling for games that have a different aspect ratio than the native display resolution The Registry Editor now has an address bar Improved precision touchpad recognitions for left and right clicks, two-finger taps, improving pin-to-zoom and two-finger tap detection Improved framerates when the Game bar is being shown on full screen games Installing Bash on Ubuntu on Windows will now install version 16.04 instead of 14.04 You can now launch Windows binaries from a WSL command prompt Updated advanced properties in Sounds control panel to allow you to select 24 and 32 bit at 176400Hz, and 16, 24 and 32 bit at 352800 Hz as the default format for devices that support it USB Audio 2.0 devices are now named by using the make/model instead of a generic name Yahoo Mail accounts will now be able to use OAuth Copying Windows Information Protection files or saving them to a removable drive will now ask you if you want to keep it a Work file, make it Personal or cancel the action When opening a Windows Information Protection file in an unauthorized app, Windows will now warn the user When changing the volume with Precision Touchpad gestures, the volume UI will now be shown and the gesture can be shorter When you should sign-in to an app and multiple accounts are available, Windows will now show you all your accounts and allow you to add more You can now capture a region of your screen with Win + Shift + S The Speaker Properties dialog now allows you to configure Spatial Audio for different endpoints When using Miracast to a device that supports input, a notification will be shown to help you enable input on that device The Virtual Touchpad is slightly larger You can now use Alt + N to use the snipping tool and navigate with the arrow keys to select the area that has to be snapped The Win + Shift + S snipping tool now supports navigating with the arrow keys as well You can now enable and disable Game Mode in the game settings A broadcast icon has been added to the Game Bar Snipping tool has a new Mode-button allowing you to choose which mode the snip should be made in while new immediately starts the snip and new icons You can now record with Beam You can now resize Hyper-V windows in Enhanced session mode Paint now has a "Open Paint 3D" button in the ribbon The on-screen touchpad has a new design to make to left and right button better visible Apps can now request users to pin their primary tile Apps can now implement compact mode, which allows an app to be shown on the screen in a small window on top of the window that's currently in focus Game Bar now provides support in full screen for an additional 88 titles: ARMA 3, Battlefield 1, Civilization V, Dark Souls III, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Mad Max, Mafia 2, NBA 2K16, Overwatch, Star Wars: The Old Republic, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, The Binding of Isaac, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Terraria, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Total War: WARHAMMER, Warframe, World of Tanks, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies, FIFA 14, FIFA 17, FIFA Manager 14, Grim Dawn, Guild Wars 2, Left 4 Dead 2, MapleStory, Paragon, Payday 2, Rocket League, The Elder Scrolls Online, The Sims 4, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Warface, Aion, Borderlands 2, Call of Duty Black Ops III, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Civilization VI, Company of Heroes 2, Crusader Kings 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Dishonored 2, Elite: Dangerous, Euro Trucks 2 Simulator, Europa Universalis IV, Eve Online, F1 2016, Fallout New Vegas, Far Cry 4, Football Manager 2016, Football Manager 2017, Garry’s Mod, Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition, Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Hearts of Iron IV, Hitman – Full Experience, Killing Floor 2, Lineage 2 – The Chaotic Throne, Mafia III, Mass Effect 3, Mechwarrior Online, Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last Light Redux, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Need for Speed, Path Of Exile, Planet Coaster, Planetside 2, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: Deluxe Edition, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, Project CARS, Roblox, Smite, Source Engine Titles/Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2, TERA, The Sims 3, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Titanfall 2, Total War: Attila, Watch_Dogs 2, World of Warplanes and XCOM 2 Right-clicking an app suggestion in the Share UI now allows you to turn them off The Win32 Windows Defender has been removed 
And further
The Trusted Platform Module Management control panel has been updated to provide more info when the TPM is "Not ready for use" or "Ready for use, with reduced functionality" Windows will now respond better when Win + L is pressed when playing a full screen game The Alt + F4 Shutdown dialog has been improved to better handle DPI changes with external monitors Improved logic to handle how users connect to devices The rainbow flag emoji is now supported Build branch strings and timestamps have been replaced with static values in the version resources of OS binaries Improves the system tray logic to be more robust when bad data is presented The System (Enhanced) setting is now available in the Windows ADK for IT Professionals Improved Settings reliability Windows Defender has been renamed Windows Defender Antivirus Improved reliability when handling malformed Gifs in XAML-based apps Windows now identifies itself as version 1703 
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Let's talk about SciTE4AutoHotkey, what Groggy is up to, why he's currently groggy and why that's the reason for the update. Here's a thread for info, comments, and suggestions. (PS - Happy Friday, everyone!)

Hey guys. I'm pretty excited about getting to post this. Warning: Wall of text incoming. This is like an account of all the stuff that's happened. Don't worry, to prevent total boredom, I've added pictures and gifs. Like a picture book.
Anyway, I've had this big bout of insomnia lately. Like 1-3 hours of sleep a day. Less than 20 hours in a week. It SUCKS!
Maybe it's because my my laptop is inoperable due to fan failure. I had to order a new one because the original died and we all know shipping time is brutal from China.
I'm mentioning that so I can mention this. Me getting 1-3 hours of sleep a night = Hella free time. Hella free time + my main machine being down = X Solve for X. X = I needed a project.
Of my options on "Things to do", SciTE4AutoHotkey was something that had been on there a while, piqued my interest, was something I could start from scratch, could be done on a sub-par laptop, and it seemed beneficial to not just me but everyone. So, I picked it up like a pair of scissors and ran with it.
Some of you may have seen my comment the other day. Twas not a bluff or an attempt at getting free uppies. A couple days before that post, I had already started (and have been actively) rewriting the entire ahk.api and files from scratch.
I'm also worried about the fact that it has been like 1/2 a decade since someone has updated these files.
I finished rewriting and "carding" every command, built-in function, and built-in variable a couple nights ago. Since then I've (mostly?) finished getting all the "other keywords" listed (What a pain in the ass. Even at this point I know I've missed some stuff. There are just so many options, subcommands, sub-subcommands, properties, methods, guys are smart. You get what the hell I'm going on about.) Last night I started getting into the guts of the program, commenting out the AHK files, reading up on .api files, reading about SciTE's options, etc... More SciTE info for those interested.
So, what changes have you made to the API?
The following numbers are rough but accurate. Items refers to commands, built-in variables, built-in functions, flow controls statements, and other keywords. "Other keywords" refers to language verbs, options, subcommands, subcommand options, etc... Example:
and not in is between extends this on off alwayson alwaysoff toggle ... 
Registry words/values, sound options, sysget/winget/process options, etc... are all "other keywords":
You get the idea.
The Old API has about 1093 items. Of those 1093 items, only 123 have any type of additional info bundled with them. 970 are cardless/infoless. The ones that do have info provided have only the most basic of information and options with no info about anything else.
At the time of this posting, the new API I've written has 1383 items. Up 290 items from the old API. (I can guarantee this will go up before beta release.) Of those 1383 lines, 738 of those items (almost every single command, built-in function, variable, and flow control statement) has a card. Up 615 from the old API's basic info. Of the 645 of those items that don't have cards, most lack one, because they're either "other keywords" or are options|subcommands that are covered on a main command's/function's card.
Why even bother adding all those extra words to the API? It seems like a lot of crappy work for no payoff.
A few reasons.
  1. It causes those commands to show up in the word list.
  2. It makes typing things easier to type. Example: Typing REG_ shows all the Registry stuff in the word list. Pick the one you want and hit enter.
  3. Having all the different keywords listed allows them to receive syntax highlighting. This can be used like a form of visual validation while coding.
A little more info on the updated API (because everyone loves tables!):
Count New Old Increase
CHARACTERS 119,338 28,930 x4
WORDS 17,451 3,533 x5
PARAGRAPHS 1,383 1,093 x1.3
WHITESPACE* 19,123 2,485 x8
* Lots of padding from formatting and cheat sheets.
What exactly are these "CARD" things?
Cards are what I'm calling extended tooltips. For example, with the old SciTE4AHK, if you type #KeyHistory you'd see this. With the new version, you'd see this. (That's one of the lesser detailed cards).
Why bother making cards?
Well, I get sick and tired of wasting time alt+tabbing back and forth from SciTE to the docs just to get small pieces of info. It seems like this wastes a lot of time.
Does this function return a 1 or a 0? Or an empty string? Does it return a word? If yes, what word? What does that word mean? What's the subcommand for this command? Does the subcommand have different syntax?? What are that subcommand's options? What's the option for removing duplicates when using the sort command? What about that option that lets you sort by numbers even if they're inside of a string? Does this command's field use traditional or expression format? Does this command set an errorlevel? Have you the Format() command?!
Do you see what I mean? Time wasted because we need some tiny bit of NECESSARY info to make everything work.
I thought "Why the hell not just update the tooltips to have all the info right there?" Why not make SciTE4AHK better by making its calltips more robust and more like a quick reference guide?"
It sounded good to me so...I did it.
How do these cards look?
Currently, each card is set with its full syntax (multiple lines if the command warrants it) followed by its use and whatever extra info goes with it. I've tried to keep these cards small and compact but still pack in as much info as possible. Commands with multiple subcommands have all subcommands listed at the bottom and each subcommand should have its own card with its own options. The goal is not to cover the entire documentation of each command on each card, but to streamline the important info, the options, get return/errorlevel info, etc.
To the newer users out there, you should always read a command's/function's documentation before using it. Don't go off just the card/calltip. Some commands have tons of info that I could never fit onto 1 card. You might miss an option you need or you might misunderstand a command's usage/output/etc... Though I don't think this will be likely because the cards are pretty straight forward.
Here's the general layout/legend for the current card setup. This lists the majority of LABELS: I use with the cards. No one card will ever have all these.
Command, Value|Subcommand, [OptionalParams, Select|One|Option] NOTES: Item refers to any command, built-in function/variable, or keyword. Parameters separated by | pipes indicate "select one of these". Items inside [] brackets are considered optional. TAGS: USE: What a command/function is used for. VALUE: Variable/text/number. Used as input/output for commands. SUBCOMMAND: List of subcommands for the current command. Most subcommands have their own card and own options. DEPRECATED: A command is phased out and should no longer be used. Deprecated tags always come with a replacement tag. REPLACEMENT: Replacement commands/functions for deprecated items. REPLACEMENT: Use SubStr() instead. REMARK: Additional or beneficial information about an item. REMARK: Omitting WinTitle will default to LastFoundWindow. RETURN: The values a function can return and what they mean. RETURN: 1 = Key Down. 0 = Key Up. ERRORLEVEL: Possible ErrorLevel values and what they mean. ERRORLEVEL: 0 = Failure. 1 = Success. EX: Example of command/function use. Most items have these. Also shows return values and/or how the new data looks. R = Return value of command/function => vaobj after of command/function runs EX: arr =: [1, 2, 3] Arr.RemoveAt(2) ; R=2 ; arr => [1, 3] CHEAT: This item has additional data or info on a Cheat_Sheet_ card. These are used for reference charts, data tables, or other info that just can't fit onto 1 card and tend to be larger than normal. 
About cheat sheets: This is a new category I've added. It's a bunch of cards that have the prefix Cheat_Sheet_ and can be called just like any other command or function. Type "cheat", select the one you want from the word list, hit enter to make the text appear (unfortunately, this is necessary) and then hit space. Like I mentioned before, have you seen the Format() function!? That thing is getting its own cheat sheet.
Examples: Cheat_Sheet_HTML_Color_Names Cheat_Sheet_RegEx
Deleting the word makes the tooltip go away. Ctrl+Backspace deletes a whole word instead of just 1 character. It makes things easy. Or just hit esc.
If you're close to being done with the API (and subsequently the keywords file), what do you have left?
I still have quite a bit left.
Re-organize some of the content Homogenize card formatting (make sure every card follows the format that I've changed like 8 billion times since starting) Proofread EVERYTHING again to find errors, typos, etc... Quite a few cheat sheets to create/finish/prettify. Find a clean way to incorporate hotkey card changing/scrolling. Wanting to use mousewheel up/down and arrow up/down (or possibly ctrl+up/down for this). Get TillaGoTo to recognize functions correctly. Change the opening/closing behavior of calltips/cards and find a way to ensure that the wordlist comes up when it's supposed to. Add a new syntax category that acknowledges AHK's built-in properties and methods. Example: File object methods, file object properties, default object methods, exception object properties, etc.. I'm considering making a "lite" version of the API for those who want minimalistic calltips. 1-3 lines per card? Let me know if there's a want for this. Add a light/dark mode for the wordlist, calltips, and tillagoto. See if there's a possibility to add color support for wordlists/calltips in the themes/option. Looking at bundling Maestrith's GUI Creator with this instead of Smart GUI Creator. I feel Maestrith's GUI Creator is a much better GUI Creator. Or, should I leave Smart GUI Creator in along with it? Opinions? Also, I'm thinking about bundling this impressive message box creator called Magic Box to replace the older MsgBox Creator.
It's a long list but I'm trying to knock stuff off it little by little.
Here's hoping to have a working Beta available soon for you guys.
Speaking of releasing a Beta... If you guys notice a typo, error, come up with a word(s) that should be added, or anything else, SPEAK UP AND LET ME KNOW. Worst case scenario: I disagree with you, I don't add it/change anything, and you're not out anything. Best case scenario: I agree, add it, and you+everyone else get the functionality you requested. Same goes with design ideas/suggestions. But, being honest, I don't have plans on doing tons of expansions to this program (I might not even be capable of it). Regardless, feedback is a great thing. Opinions on the name SciTE4AHK_GO? For GroggyOtter Edition.
When the beta is released, I'll be making a new sticky post. If you'd like a tag notification, leave a comment below with "notify me" in it.
I'll post edits if there's anything else worth mentioning/updates to give. Make sure you check back.
Gonna go grab a burrito. <3
Edit: Still actively working on this. I've invested quite a bit of time into it and will probably be investing quite a bit more as the list of things I want to change/add is growing. Also, my fan finally came. Didn't work. Wrong brand. Wrong amperage... The moral of the story is don't order things from China.
Edit 10Oct2018: For those checking back, I'm still going at this full bore. I had to, unfortunately, rewrite my rewritten API. I did a really REALLY dumb thing. During a simple RegEx search/replace during a formatting thing I was doing, I managed to not click the "in selection" box. It wiped out everything after a comma... All the items and their formatting were saved, but a lot of sentences became 1/2 sentences, commands had all parameters wiped, examples were blanked, etc. :( "Why didn't you just ctrl+z?" Because I didn't know about it until way WAY after. "Why didn't you restore a backup?" The last one I had was pre-finish, let alone pre-formatting changes I had started to do. So, yeah, moral of the story is back your shit up (frequently) and don't make formatting changes to a master document...
On a positive note, I've gotten EVERYTHING redone except for commands H-Z (so like 90% of all lexems in the lexer). As a bonus, the rewrite (I don't like saying rewrite. It's more like re-transcribe and re-format...) allowed me to restructure everything and made the whole process go much faster and smoother. It took probably less than 1/2 the time to do it the second time around. :)
I've also added quite a bit to the "things I'd like to change/implement" list. Not going to post it because I don't know what I want to keep and not keep and don't want to get hopes up. But I will mention one thing I came up with that I really liked and want to run with. I came up with this option. No name yet but I'm thinking SynGUIs or SynStrings. Anyway, the current idea is based on a .syn hotstring. It checks the command/function just typed, looks it up, and then loads a small GUI with that command/function and all its parameters preloaded with defaults (maybe add an option to save user preferred command defaults?). The first design was to use all edit boxes but then I decided to use param appropriate controls. If there are only 3 options, add a dropdown with the 3 options. If there are multiple options, add some checkboxes. Tab navigation. Escape to close. Enter (or click OK button) to insert command where it just was. AKA mouseless navigation. Also, I'd like to implement some kind of error checking. I'm hoping something like this will result in faster code creation with fewer errors. I've already started working on this as a "take a break from writing and formatting the API".
So, that's the update. I hope to have a working beta for you guys sooner than later. Just know that I'm actively working on this every day during my free time. :)
Edit 18Oct2018: I've pretty much written an entire AHK v1.1 Lexicon from the online docs. From that I've made an updated/revised ahk.api rewrite. Admittedly, I think the calltips are a bit large and I need to consider trimming them down or possibly just making a "lite" version with more minimalisitic calltips. I've created some more Cheat_Sheets. Yay! I'm currently working on updating the syntax file with the new categories I've made. This will expand what gets highlighted and allows for more color options.
I've started updating TillaGoto. All the regexs for labels, hotstrings, and functions have been rewritten. Yes functions now show up! Overhauling the GUI and adding some new features. A new sort feature has been added to sort the results in the lsit box by 1) The order it was found 2) ascending order or 3) descending order. Can be seen in the screenshot below. The original colors were really bright, especially against my happy hacker theme. Screenshot of original TillaGoto. I decided to add a "dark mode". Updated TillaGoto in dark mode with the same file. Dark mode can be accessed from the new system tray icon. If anyone wants to design a neat new icon, feel free to post them. I'll let you know if I want to use it. I want to add classes to the detection list and possibly class method detection. I also want to add a tab system that will allow users to sort results by specific type. So there would be an All tab, a Function tab, a Label tab, etc...
That's not everything, but it's a good chunk. With the lexicon rewrite (which I will be posting, too) and api being done, I'll be able to really focus on the changes and updates I wanted to make.
submitted by GroggyOtter to AutoHotkey [link] [comments]

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